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the ugly jrocker community

because you don´t need to be beautiful!!!

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All Members , Moderated

This is a Community for people who like ugly jrockers. feel free to join. Say hello and post a picture of you favourite ugly jrocker and if you should find some new ugly jrocker, please post a picture, we are always interested to see something new ^___^


1. English IS spoken!!!!! thank you!!!
2. Please post all the entries "friends only"
3. If you like to see the pictures, please join!!
4. Don´t steal other peoples scanned pictures and load them up to your page, that´s not nice! ask them before!

☆Current Layout: ☆
rame (vidoll)

☆Past Layouts: ☆
Ruka (sendai kamotsu)
Kiwamu (Blood)
Michiru (MASK)

your moderator nicki_chan

here are some of our heros:

michiru (MASK)

kisaki (kisaki projekt)

rame (ヴィドル)

chiba (仙台貨物)